About the School


Gadsden Central Academy envisions a society where people live and thrive in communities that promote and support emotional behavioral health and wellness to assist students in becoming graduates and independent productive citizens.



To transform all learners through positive relationships, academic instruction, and community collaboration for success in a global society

To ensure that students are college and career ready to be productive in society

To increase the graduation rate of our district of behavioral challenged students in the Exceptional Student Education Department                                                            

To increase students exposure to STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics



Increase attendance
Increase completion of middle and high school credits
Increase graduation rate
Increase employment success through high school
Decrease serious disciplinary offenses in school
Successful transitioning of students 


By the end of each school year:

Fifty percent (50%) of the participating students will remain in a program that leads to a high school diploma.
Fifty (50%) of the students will improve their attendance when compared with the prior school year.
Fifty percent (50%) of the students will improve their cumulative grade point averages.
Fifty percent (50%) of the students will show gains scores of at least one year in reading and mathematics as measured by state assessment.
An analysis of disciplinary referrals will show statistically significant drop in disciplinary referrals.
Parent, staff, and student attitude toward programs and services offered at the school will reflect a positive feeling. Fifty percent (50%) of students enrolled because of multiple retentions will show accelerated progress toward meeting promotion and/or graduation requirements that will shorten the time needed to receive a high school diploma
Seventy percent (75%) of students will promoted to the next higher grade level.